Air Transportation


We provide air transportation by which cargo can be delivered within a few hours. This allows you to minimize the time among countries.

The aircraft allow to carry:

  • Standard cargoes;
  • Large cargoes;
  • Combined cargoes;
  • Dangerous cargoes.


Combined cargo transportation – transportation is small-sized cargoes from different customers in one direction on one vehicle.
Oversized cargo – cargo such large size that it can not be transported by road in the usual manner.

Dangerous cargoes – a cargo that as a result of the accident would damage the health or life of humans and the environment. Correspondingly in the organization of this type of cargo transportation needs marginal manager attention and special permissions. We can carry out such transportation

In international transportation it is important that the cargo was insured, as it overcomes a great distance. Our company also offers this feature. Any cargo that we transport, can be insured in addition to your liking.