International cargo transportation


We provide international transport by road, rail, sea and air transport. In addition, we provide multi-modal transportation, that is: Combined cargo transportation carried out by different means of transport: rail, road, sea, air.

We provide air transportation by which cargo can be delivered within a few hours. This allows you to minimize the time among countries.
International rail transportation allow to deliver the goods on time at relatively low prices.
Due to auto transportations, we can deliver cargo to any destination under the scheme "from door to door."
The main advantage of shipping is a low cost of services.

In international transportation it is important that the cargo was insured, as it overcomes a great distance. Our company also offers this feature. Any cargo that we transport, can be insured in addition to your liking. We'll take your cargo in the integrity and safety, because the managers of our company track the whole way of delivery. They will monitor the loading, unloading, accuracy of transportation documents and all customs procedures.

Remember your cargo is in safe hands!