Transportation on water


We provide full range of cargo shipping, including ship chartering, development of optimal routing and traffic monitoring. Normally sea shipping are part of multi-modal transportation.

We transport:

  • general cargo;
  • container cargo;
  • dangerous goods.

General cargo-packed piece of any cargo carried on vessels combined in batches.
To provide services for the transportation of general cargo there is a certain technology. Collecting a few general cargoes from one or more different shippers to the consolidation warehouse, then all cargo is going on a ship and the shipment is carried out on a given route.
Container shipping – is a modular system for loading and transport of goods by using standard modular containers prescribed by ISO.
Dangerous cargoes – a cargo that as a result of the accident would damage the health or life of humans and the environment. Correspondingly in the organization of this type of cargo transportation needs marginal manager attention and special permissions. We can carry out such transportation.