Automobile cargo transportation


Today, about 74% of freight traffic on a global level falls on trucks. Trucking is the most mobile and convenient way to transport goods.
Due to automobile transportation, we can deliver any of your goods quickly and all over the world.

We transport:

  • Combined cargoes;
  • Oversized cargoes;
  • Dangerous cargoes.

Combined cargo transportation – transportation is small-sized cargoes from different customers in one direction on one vehicle.
For the transportation of combined cargoes there is a special technology. The group age cargo is collected from small or medium-sized loads of different shippers to the consolidation warehouse, then all cargo is loading in 1 truck and the transportitation is carried on a given route.

Oversized cargo – cargo such large size that it can not be transported by road in the usual manner.

Transportation of oversized cargo is one of the most difficult types of transportation. For such cargo transportation requires a special transport, resolution, support and highly qualified personnel. We have great experience in transportation of an oversized cargoes, so it will not be difficult for us to transport it.

Dangerous cargoes – a cargo that as a result of the accident would damage the health or life of humans and the environment. Correspondingly in the organization of this type of cargo transportation needs marginal manager attention and special permissions. We can carry out such transportation. At the present time it is important to understand that the safety of cargo - is the main point in the delivery of transportation. That's why we work closely with SK Rosgosstrakh.