ICT-PERM is a Russian-Swiss freight forwarding company
We have been providing services for organizing the transportation of goods across Russia and abroad for 22 years.

During this time, our company has managed to prove its worth by the high professionalism of its employees and the use of modern technologies for organizing cargo transportation.
Cargo and liability insurance
All our activities are insured. We are fully responsible for the safety of your cargo during transportation
Great experience
This year our company is 22 years old. During this time, we have grown to 4 branches (Perm, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kirov)
We work around
the world
We provide services for goods transportation worldwide by all types of transport
A large team is responsible for the goods of our customers
Road freight transport
Road transport is the most mobile and convenient way to transport goods.

We can transport:
• Groupage cargo;
• Oversized cargo/Oversize load;
• Dangerous goods.

Advantages of road freight transport:

1.No additional processes of loading and unloading, i.e. delivery on a door-to-door basis.
2.The choice of the most profitable route. Besides, road cargo transportation implies the possibility of an emergency route change.
3. No extra costs.
Avia freight
We provide air transport, thanks to which the cargo can be delivered within a few hours.

Aircraft allows you to transport:
• Standard cargo;
• Oversized cargo;
• Groupage cargo;
• Dangerous goods.

The main advantage of air transportation is speed. With the correct operation of airport services, customs authorities, as well as a logistics company directly organizing the entire process, delivery of cargo to anywhere in the world will take no more than a day
Water trasportation
We provide a full range of services for water cargo transportation, including chartering of ships, development of the optimal route and traffic monitoring. Usually water transportation is a part of multimodal transport.

We can transport:
• general cargo;
• container cargo;
• dangerous goods.

Advantages of cargo transportation by water transport:
1. The cost of water transport in terms of payment for the delivery of a specific volume turns out to be more profitable than using trucks and air transport.
2. Transportation of oversized items. Frequently transporting cargo by water is the only way to deliver it without disassembly.
Cargo and liability insurance
ICT-Perm LLC annually ensures the safety of its liability within the total limit of up to 21 million rubles. Also, at the request of the customer, we arrange cargo insurance for a specific transport, having contracts for cargo insurance with several major insurance companies
Multimodal transport
Groupage transport is the transport of small-sized cargoes of various customers in one direction on one vehicle.

There is a certain technology for the transport of groupage cargo. Groupage cargo is collected from small or medium cargoes of various shippers at a consolidation warehouse, then all groupage cargo are collected in one vehicle and transported along a given route.
Railroad transport
Railroad transport is a traditional way of delivering goods. The reason for its demand lies in its serious advantages over other modes of transport:

1. By rail, you can transport almost any type of cargo - from bulk materials to food.
2. Due to the accuracy of the schedule of the transport company, it is very easy to predict the delivery time of the goods to the destination.
3. Transport trains do not depend on climatic conditions and weather changes.

This type of delivery has almost unlimited possibilities in terms of the volume of the consignment.
Transport of dangerous goods
Dangerous cargo is cargo that, as a result of a transport accident, will harm the health or life of people and/or the environment. Accordingly, when organizing the transportation of this type of cargo, the utmost care of managers and special permits are required. We can carry out such cargo transport.
Oversized transport
The need to transport various kinds of cargo has influenced the increase in the transport of oversized cargo. In such situations, in addition to using an appropriate vehicle capable of transporting bulky cargo, many other factors must be considered.
There are several concepts that define large and heavy loads.
To put it simply, an oversized cargo is a heavy or bulky item (sometimes both) that cannot be transported in the usual way in a container or closed vehicle. An example of such cargo can be agricultural machinery, drilling equipment, transformers, and so on.
For our customers, oversized transport has ceased to be a problem. With us, you can send oversized cargo and be sure about the safety of the cargo.
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